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Archive for January 31st, 2022

Last Week in Photos: 2022, Part 4

January 31, 2022

January 24: Back to skiing. It’s nice to have a sunny day now and then so I can see where I’m going, especially after being off for a week like I was this time.

Landscape with fence in foreground and snowy mountains in the background


January 25: Look closely and you can see the snowshoe hare tracks out in back of my house.

Snow with snowshoe hare tracks


January 26: Another wonderful day of skiing, with sunshine at the top and a cloud/fog layer lower down that moved around all day, which made for some interesting runs, as one never quite knew when visibility would close in or open up.

View from a ski resort with the valley filled with clouds


January 27: I’d had such a good day skiing the day before I decided to rest on those laurels and stay in today. I learned a new knot, the lamda, which quite fiddly but I like the looks of. Don’t know that I’m ever going to make anything with macrame, but I enjoy the process of tying and untying the knots, learning the patterns. It’s meditative, more so after I’ve got the pattern memorized, which I don’t know if I’m going to to with this one.

Close up of a three-lobed knot tied with blue cord


January 28: It was our mountain’s turn for Toyota Day, when anyone who shows up driving a vehicle in the Toyota family of products gets to ski for free. It gets crowded, so we chose to stay in (helped that there hasn’t been new snow in a while). I started my day with a leisurely spell on the couch, where my feet got too hot for my warmest slippers. In retrospect, I wish I’d moved the jeans that need mending out of the way before I documented the moment, but it’s more “real” this way. (displayed smaller than usual in deference to those of you who are squicked out by feet)

Woman's foot with bright pink toenails resting on a knitted boot style slipper


January 29: I went down to town and played with nail polish in the studio, but before that, I said goodbye to the last pack of Winterfresh flavor gum in the house. I’d bought a bunch when our grocery store had it in the “reduced for quick sale” section. Why “winterfresh” didn’t sell here, I’m not sure; seems like a perfect fit.

Blue package of Extra gum in Winterfresh flavor


January 30: Buckled down and finished updating our financial records so I can pull together the information for our tax preparer. It felt good to check off each month for each account as I reconciled them to make sure I hadn’t missed recording any expenses.

Grid style checklist written on the back of an envelope



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