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Archive for January 17th, 2022

Last Week in Photos: 2022, Part 2

January 17, 2022

January 10: I was going to kick off this week’s photo essay with yet another view out my front window, but instead I offer this abstract composition that I managed to create while turning away from the window.

Abstract scene with swoops of white, lime, and brown


January 11: Went out and skied in the snow storm. Glad to be wearing a pair of gloves with a built-in squeegee to get the build up of ice off my goggles.

Woman wearing ski gear with ice on her goggles and snow on her helmet


January 12: Okay, this is out my front window. We didn’t ski since much terrain was closed due to the ice layer that formed on top of the snow due to warmer than desired temperatures. It was pretty to look at with the mist rolling around.

View of ski runs across a misty valley


January 13: Skiing above the clouds on a sunny day. Ski patrol recommended sticking to groomed runs due to the thick ice crust off piste. I took their advice.

View from a ski run across a cloud-filled valley


January 14: Red balloon’s independent flying days have come to an end.

Red Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse balloon with one deflated ear


January 15: The holiday weekend means crowds and also special events like fireworks, which we watched from our balcony. The fog this year gave them an interesting look.

Trees silhouetted in the foreground with a cloud glowing red and lilac behind them, color from fireworks being shot off in the fog


January 16: Hair freshly blued a couple days ago, I put on makeup for the first time in nearly a month, but only from the eyes up since I’ll be masked in public.

Woman with bright blue hair wearing a tie-dyed tshirt sitting by a window



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