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Archive for December 13th, 2021

Disney Dishing

December 13, 2021

One month ago today, Mr. K and I took a break from visiting the parks and attended two events that were part of the Disney Dish podcast gathering: a lunch at Homecomin’ at Disney Springs and a walking tour of the Springs led by Jim Hill, one of the podcast co-hosts. The meal was family style at big tables outdoors, so we had a chance to meet and talk with some other fans while we ate, which was nice. The walking tour covered the history of the Springs area, from the shopping village days to present, with lots of anecdotes and “whys” behind some of the changes made over the years. Very much up my alley.

Man in a colorful shirt speaking to a group of folks


We opted out of the scavenger hunt and bar meet up that came after the walking tour, deciding instead to go back to the condo and relax, knowing the next day would be long and packed with special events.


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