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Archive for December 12th, 2021

Wandering Around the (Disney) World

December 12, 2021

One month ago today, yes, Mr. K and I were still at Walt Disney World. Either we didn’t do a whole lot or I was tired of taking photos or both, as I’m having a hard time remembering what we did and my pictures don’t give a complete narrative. I know for sure we started out at Epcot, because on every theme park day, I take a photo of the section name and row number in the parking lot where our car is so we can find our way back at the end of the day. At this point, we’d done most of the attractions at Epcot, so we spent some time on this day trying to complete the set, including seeing The American Adventure, in the lobby of which there was a display with American Indian clothing, including these high heeled boots.

Black high heeled boots decorated with Native American designs in bright colors


We left Epcot to go to the Riviera. Again. I think we had lunch there because Epcot was too crowded? Or maybe we just wanted to? Not sure. I do know I took more photos of those beautiful mosaic murals at that hotel.

Moscaic mural of a tall fairy tale tower in front of a high cliff


The rest of the day is somewhat fuzzy in my memory. I know from a combination of photos and what I stored in my head that we rode the Skyliner back from Riviera, picked up our registration packets for the weekend podcast con we were attending (though we promptly skipped both of the events that night), ate dinner at the Dolphin, and rode a bus from Hollywood Studios at the end of the night back to Epcot where our car was (not the anniversary wrapped bus shown below, that was just the one that caught my eye while we were waiting). What we did at Hollywood Studios is a complete mystery. Why not just go back into Epcot?

Mother zebra with baby zebra


The next couple days after this one were filled with scheduled events, which I still recall fairly well since they were novel, so perhaps I’ll have more depth to my next couple entries.


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