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Archive for December 26th, 2019

One Goal Achieved

December 26, 2019

I keep thinking I need to do a goal update entry, but then I think how little I’ve done compared to what I wanted to and put it off a bit longer. I have had one success, though: with the updates I just put into goodreads, I surpassed my goal of reading 57 books by one.

When I look over the list, my first impulse is to apologize for some of them … they were too short, or too smutty, or too frivolous. My next impulse is to say forget that; I read for enjoyment mostly, and that’s as valid as any other reason. Sure, I did read some “respectable” books this year, but even if I hadn’t, that’s okay.

I don’t give books star ratings as often as I used to. In part, that’s because sometimes by the time I get around to putting them on my book log and in goodreads, my memory of them isn’t fresh enough to feel like I could rate them fairly. Then there’s the “is this a bad book, or just not for me?” conundrum, which makes me hesitate to give low ratings to things I didn’t enjoy . I did rate the three books I just put in, all four stars, because I finished them all in the past several days and thought they were good. I gave one five-star rating this year, to Jodi Daynard’s A Transcontinental Affair. I did enjoy reading it, but would probably have rated it lower than five stars except I saw it was being targeted with one-star reviews by homophobes who do not approve of lesbians being in books (or in the world). Reading some of those reviews, one would think the book was graphic erotica, which is most certainly is not. The description of the book on Amazon has reference to two women falling in love, so it’s easy enough to avoid reading it if a woman kissing another woman is going to send one into hate-filled ranting.

I’ve got two books in progress now, one new to me and one re-read. I may or may not finish those this year and add to my modest overachievement of this goal. I probably will do a full goal check-in at some point because otherwise that will feel like a loose end to me, and I don’t like loose ends.


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