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Lost and Not Found

December 6, 2019

I spend a distressing amount of time looking for things I’ve lost. Sometimes they turn up again (like my cameratwice); sometimes they don’t (like the mate to this glove). Right now, I’m feeling annoyed with myself over two missing things (well, three, but two of them were a unit the last time I saw them). There’s the sunglasses I bought at a gas station in Arizona while we were on vacation. I wore them maybe five or six days on our trip and don’t think I even got a photo of them. They were cheap and not especially remarkable other than they fit my undersized nose well, so I wouldn’t be too upset about losing them, except … except I put the rainbow Chums on them that Mr. K bought me from a kayaking outfitter back east some years back and those are now gone, too. They may still turn up, I suppose, but given that I’ve looked in the likely places I would have put them when we packed up the hotel room I last remember having them in, I’ve not got much hope. Did I leave them in the hotel? Wouldn’t I have seen the rainbow cord? I’ve spent so much time pondering questions like that since we got home. The other thing missing is the cable lock I use to secure my skis to a rack when I leave them to take a break inside. It wasn’t in the bag of stuff I took out of my ski coat pockets last spring and used to re-stock them yesterday. It wasn’t in my flight bag, where I sometimes have stored it for use in locking up my laptop on trips. I’m not sure where it might be at this point. I can get a replacement for somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 I think, but I shouldn’t have to do that. I have (had?) one; I just can’t lay my hands on it right now. I can get by without it for a while, as there aren’t that many folks around the mountain yet and my skis aren’t especially in demand, so I’m hoping I’ll soon either come across it or have a brain flash and remember where I put it. It’s just frustrating. Why can’t I keep better track of my stuff? Maybe if I had less stuff it would be easier, but that’s another battle.


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