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It’s That Time of Year

December 6, 2011

Every year since I’ve had this online journal, I’ve participated in Holidailies. It seemed there might not be an official Holidailies this year. I was planning to write anyway, and it seems other people had the same idea. Some started December 1st, which is when the project used to kick off way back in the day, and some, like me, decided to start on St. Nicholas Day, which is what had become Holidailies opening day in more recent years. I’ve come to like the St. Nicholas Day to Epiphany schedule, as those were the traditional bookends to the winter holiday season for me when I was growing up. As of today, it seems there will be an official Holidailies 2011 after all, just beginning a bit later. I’m still starting now, though. I won’t be posting links to my updates on the Facebook group until the official site opens as some people are; I’m trying to minimize my Facebook time lately in favor of spending more time on Google+. I feel much more comfortable with Google’s corporate personality than I do with Facebook’s.

Office treeIn the time since I last posted here, I went to Illinois with Mr. Karen to see what family we could over the Thanksgiving weekend. I failed to do much about my goals, though I did do some small things in a few areas, the best of those being getting back to my gym schedule right after Thanksgiving. I of course continued to update my nail blog; it still somewhat surprises me that a) I have a something I willingly call a blog and b) people I don’t know from some other venue take the time to read it. (Some of them even leave comments regularly, which delights me more than I expected it would.) I also decorated my office for Christmas with this purple sparkly tree I bought on sale for $15. Did I need another Christmas tree? No. Did I want this one from the moment I saw it? Yes. I’m proud of myself for waiting to buy until it went on sale. (And glad I grabbed it then, since now they’re sold out.)

I’m not quite sure at this point how many entries I’ll manage or what they’ll be; I just know I want to give Holidailies another go. And so it begins.


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