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What the What?

June 7, 2018

Remember when I lost my camera for the second time, and this time it was really, really gone? And I had this fanciful theory that it got carried off by a bird of prey? Well, now I have a new fanciful theory: there is an interdimensional wormhole in my car. Because more than a month after I lost my camera, I found it. In my car. Under the front passenger seat. Where I’d looked multiple times before, with my eyes and my hands and a flashlight. (This is similar to when Mr. K lost his good tire gauge and we found it under there, when he’d already looked thoroughly.) The camera, snug in its case, was wedged up by one of the seat supports, the black of the case blending perfectly into the black of the carpet and the support housing. I found it when I was reaching around to get a bottle that had rolled under my seat during this nearly month long road trip I’m on right now. I couldn’t believe, but there it was. My trusty Elph, back in my hand. It even still had enough battery left to turn on. Of course, I don’t have the battery charger with me (and can’t recall where I put it at home), so I’ve continued to use the replacement camera on my trip (it’s already been inducted into what it’s like to be my camera, as I dropped it on the pavement the other day so it’s getting its own scars just like the Elph’s). I’m not sure what I’ll do when I get home. I’m thinking I’ll use the Elph as my walking around camera as it’s so much smaller and lighter and the replacement for taking nail blog photos but we’ll see. Right now, I’m just so happy to be reunited with my old friend.

You have got to be kidding me


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  1. Denise Says:

    Wormhole in my car might explain 3 lost parking vouchers, which cost me a full day’s parking in Ann Arbor ($28)…three times (except for the last time, when I found it wedged between my seat and door)!

  2. KarenD Says:

    I lost an Amex card in that space between the seat and the door once … only found it after I’d reported it lost and gotten a new card! Vehicle wormholes are tricky things. 😀

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