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Archive for December 4th, 2019

Getting Stuff Done

December 4, 2019

It’s a little after 7 p.m. but feels much later. Whether that’s the road lag (Mr. K and I got home from our extended Thanksgiving weekend sojourn last night) or general malaise from my lingering head cold or what I do not know. I do know is that I feel like I got a fair bit done today, which is pleasant. I saw my new doctor and got my flu shot and had blood taken for labs (including the test to see if my measles immunity from childhood vaccines stuck with me or if I’ll need a booster), plus Mr. K and I went grocery shopping and later loaded our ski locker so we only have to walk ourselves down to the village when we finally get on the snow for the season. Now I’ve changed into pajama pants and put my fuzzy robe on over my other clothes and don’t intend to do much else for the rest of the night. Maybe I’ll get to bed at a reasonable hour; that would be nice for a change of pace.


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