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First World Frustration

December 4, 2017

Today I took the day off I originally intended to take yesterday. So far it hasn’t been all I hoped for due to a middle of the night spell of insomnia last night that got me off to a groggy, late start this morning combined with internet issues. I guess it’s refreshing that the internet issues weren’t the same ones we’ve battled since we’ve been here full time (those actually have gotten better lately, so much so that Mr. K appropriated the switch we’d been using to reboot the router at frequent intervals so we could use it for Christmas lights this season; our speed is still poky but at least we usually have access to it). No, this outage was more widespread and affected most but not all websites. I could get to Facebook and commiserate with my neighbors about the situation (for one they were mostly keeping politics out of it), but I couldn’t get to my own journal or Holidailies or pretty much any other website I wanted to see. Sure, there was stuff to be done offline, like a load of laundry and watching Hamilton’s America off the DVR, but I was annoyed that I couldn’t do my Flickr projects or catch up on Holidailies or my nail blog writing and reading. Late in the day, I bundled myself up and walked down to the village to get some exercise and fresh air. I happened to meet Mr. K as he was walking home at the end of his ski day, so we caught up with each other on the way home. I snapped this pic of the nearly deserted parking lot at the resort with the last bit of sunset color showing; seeing it made me glad I’d made the effort to leave the house.

End of the ski day

When I got back, the internet was still misbehaving, so I switched my phone to data and saw I could get to Holidailies and my journal that way, so I setup my phone as a hotspot, figuring I’d use just enough data to get that photo posted and then a journal entry. Just after I disconnected from the hotspot after uploading the photo, the wifi connection started working normally again. Okay then. Maybe I should have shown it I had an alternative earlier.


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