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Archive for December 12th, 2018

Oh Ceramic Christmas Tree

December 12, 2018

I did a bit of holiday decorating this evening.

With flash

This is one of two ceramic trees we found in Joan’s basement. We packed the more classic green with multicolored lights one for her and brought this one home for us. It had a bag of the red pegs stuffed in the cavity, but we’d also found a separate bag with a few pegs in it and fortunately hadn’t thrown that out when it turned up in some random location so were able to reunite it with the tree (not all sets of things were so lucky, like the travel pillow which was stuffed in bag in the basement; by the time I found it, I’d long since gotten rid of its case which I’d come across days before stuffed in a box in a closet upstairs). I was surprised and delighted when it turned out we had just enough pegs to fill all the holes in the tree. I was also delighted when a handful of those pegs were birds instead of light shapes.

One of the birds

While we have enough pegs, what we don’t have is whatever is supposed to fill that cavity (which is in front, which we know because the cord comes out a hole in the opposite side). I have an idea what should be there, and where it is now, but I’m not going to be able to reunite the set for a while, if ever, so for now, I looked around the living room and drafted our statue of Saint Joseph that we buried in our yard in Michigan before we sold our house. He seems to fit in fine. When the lights are low, there is a bit of a “fiery pit of Hell” look to this setup, but it might be all the Christmas décor we’re able to manage this year, as we’re off to western Washington again later this week and not entirely sure when we’ll be back home.

Without flash



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