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Archive for December 21st, 2017

Throwback Thursday: 1978-ish

December 21, 2017

Before computers, we had these

When I was in high school, if we wanted a special font for a project, we couldn’t just go to our computer and play with the word processing software, much less search the internet for more options. Instead, we bought stuff like these Formatt sheets from Graphics Products Corporation. Each letter had to be cut out individually with an X-Acto knife, removed from the backing, then aligned carefully next to other letters by hand on whatever project piece was being worked on. The clear sheet the letters were printed on was adhesive-backed, so getting the placement right the first time was important. It was tedious, and I enjoyed it. The only thing I remember clearly that I used these for was a newspaper I made for Spanish class, though maybe I also did something for yearbook. It was a long time ago.

And yet, I still have these. I have moved them across the country. I was going to throw them out recently, but had a change of heart. What will I use them for? Do I need to know that now? Maybe I will actually do some scrapbook pages at some point. Maybe I will get back to my paper journal and do something with them there. Yes, there are easier ways to achieve similar effects now, but these have a charm to them for me. So there they sit in my studio, waiting.


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