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Archive for December 6th, 2017

When All Else Fails, Kittens

December 6, 2017

Every topic I’ve considered writing about today will take longer to do justice to than I have this morning, as I’m heading first into town then down into the city with a whole list of errands and tasks and places I want to go as I haven’t been in the city for a couple months, and it all has to be done before the start of the meeting tonight that was the determining factor for which day I’d head down there. Which is why I’m turning to kittens and cats I have met. Cat pictures are just the thing today. Couldn’t we all use a few more in our lives?

Here’s Scout, the wee furry beast that my nephew and his girlfriend coaxed inside. She was the runt of the feral litter by my mom’s house earlier this year, and I didn’t think she was going to survive. But she did.

Scout at rest

This is Neil, no longer a kitten by the time I met him in person, but still small. He was done with me by this point in our visit, but that’s okay. I understand it’s hard having strange women from the internet show up and want to pet you.

Neil is done

And this is Shirley, in a rare moment of repose late in her kittenhood. Like Scout, she was born feral and coaxed inside. This was back when my mom was still alive, so it was her and my nephew doing the coaxing. Shirley now lives with my nephew and his girlfriend and Scout in what I’m sure is a lively apartment, one I hope to visit the next time I’m back in Illinois (they’d just moved this past visit, and I didn’t want to impose on that).

Rare moment: Mom's kitty at rest

And now I’m off to start crossing things off my to do list for the day. After tea and breakfast, though.


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