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Archive for December 10th, 2016


December 10, 2016

Happy as I am to live on our mountain, it does have its challenges. I think I’ve mentioned the lack of proximity to certain things I’d gotten used to having nearby during our life in Michigan, like chain drugstores to hunt down nail polish displays, and an eye doctor that takes our insurance (the nearest one here is a little over an hour away). The biggest challenge is lack of a reliable internet connection. We’re hooked up to the service provided through the local utility. It’s very local—in about 10 minutes, we can walk our payment over and hand it to the lady who sends out the bills, who now knows us on a first name basis, as we have had to call and visit her repeatedly when our internet goes out and the tech support can’t help us because it’s a signal problem on the mountain. This latest time, it’s been mostly out since Sunday night. Once in a while, we’ve gotten a signal, but it has disappeared before we can do anything useful with it. This week, I’ve done journal entries from the the lobby of the hotel in the village, the public library in town, and now, at a Panera in the city where our eye doctor is, because I didn’t realize the library in town closes at 5 on Saturdays so stopping there on my way to an event in the city didn’t work out. Good thing this Panera opened this past summer. On Friday, per the lady in the utility office, they were supposed to replace some component in the system on the mountain, but either that didn’t happen or it did and it didn’t help. Now we’re stuck until Monday at least. Sure, we can call tech support, but based on the symptoms, all they can do is put in a work order for us with the mountain folks. Good thing I’m retired and don’t need the internet to work anymore. Still, I do need it to keep in touch with friends and the wider world, so we’ll have to figure something out. What, I don’t know. Upgrade our cellphone plan to get much more data? Install another satellite dish next to the one for DirecTV? Maybe the mountain will finally get things all fixed up next week. I can hope. Until then, I’ll be the lady schlepping my laptop from place to place.


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