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It’s the Pants

December 10, 2003

Thanks to staying under my WW points limit for the past two days, I’ve lost enough of my bloat to fit into my high self-esteem pants. These are the pants that cause people to compliment me on how skinny I’m getting even when I haven’t lost weight. These are the pants that go with the blouse that gives me that “I am a trustworthy expert” vibe. I needed that vibe this afternoon because I was being presented to a big customer’s accounting staff in a meeting that would set the tone for the implementation of my part of the system.

These pants are black flat front side-zip trousers made out of a twill material with just a little stretch to it. I have them in charcoal grey, too, both bought back when I decided I needed some clothes in the size I was rather than the size I’d been or the size I was planning to get down to. They’re just a little bit dressier than the pants I usually wear, just enough to make me feel professional without coming on too strong in a full accountant suit.

The meeting went pretty well. Everyone in the room listened to me even though I was the only one without a penis. I’m hoping that’s a good sign for how the rest of the project will go.


A year ago, I was finally back from my ski trip.

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