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Hangin’ with a New Posse

December 24, 2014

I met some new friends today; they’re so new I don’t know their real names yet, but I just know we’ll have fun adventures together.

New friends

I kicked off my Christmas Eve celebration this morning by going to get the oil changed in my car. I might have to make that a new tradition, as business was so slow I had to get out of my car and walk inside to get the guys’ attention before I could pull in. That was a nice change from hoping one of the three bays would be open when I got there. I then went to get hair dye at Sally Beauty and was able to stack all three of the coupons I had, so that was a nice Christmas present, too, and I was back home by 11:30 before the last minute shopping crowds tied up traffic.

Mid-afternoon Sparty Monkey and Unknown Octopus came into my life and now we are contemplating how we’ll spend our time before meeting up with Mr. Karen later. I think there might be a little mischief involved.


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