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Archive for December 10th, 2012

No Nail Pak for Me

December 10, 2012

I came across a product the other day that, despite being nail polish-related, did not tempt me in the slightest. It’s called The Nail Pak. The top part is nail polish, the bottom part is a file and nail polish remover pads.

The Nail Pak

The display shows a “before” photo with a remover bottle, a polish bottle, a file, and scattered cotton balls. The “after” is the Nail Pak, all alone. The tag line is “Everything you need, all in one place!” Nope, sorry Nail Pak. You do not understand my needs as a serious lacquerhead. I need a treatment base coat. I need a fast dry top coat. I need a glass file. I need remover that won’t run out before the polish does. I need pure acetone for cleanup. What I do not need is an unwieldy bottle that’ll take up too much space in my storage drawers (if it’ll fit at all; some tall bottles do not). I also do not need a product whose directions, as shown on the Ulta website, tell me to “Grasp seal w/thumbnail”—my thumbnails get enough abuse as it is. What’s that you’re saying, Nail Pak? You’re perfect for travel? No. You are not. If I am flying, you will take up entirely too much room in my quart bag. Just look at you next to a normal sized bottle:

Unwieldy Nail Pak next to normal bottle

If I travel, I wear nail polish strips and maybe pack a mini bottle of color to do touch ups. Perhaps I would have been seduced into getting a Nail Pak if they had interesting glitters instead of conventional finishes, but I imagine they’ll never do glitter polishes in this packaging—the little remover pads would never be up for the job of getting it off. So the Nail Paks stayed at the store, because they are not for me.


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