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Archive for December 10th, 2011

File Under “Old School”

December 10, 2011

As part of my ongoing quest to manage my files of magazine clippings, I recently weeded out the contents of the job hunting folder, which had pretty much been sitting untouched since I was last looking for work in 1999. A lot of the articles were from much earlier than that, including these gems:

—An undated piece (I suspect based on the layout and fonts it’s from Glamour in the early to mid-1980s) titled “10 Steps to a Good Strong Resume”, which urged the job seeker to “make sure the keys on your typewriter are clean” and “have your resume duplicated professionally” because “a carbon copy or photocopy doesn’t make you look professional”. A typewriter! Carbon copies! It’s like getting in a time machine.

—A 1987 article which says “You may want to buy or borrow an answering machine if you’re actively looking.” How quaint. (On the back of this page, there’s an ad for the Doubleday Book Club: 6 books for 99 cents.)

I found lots of articles from Working Woman magazine, which I read cover to cover for years. I don’t remember why or when I stopped. I definitely wasn’t still reading when the magazine folded in late 2001. I didn’t know the magazine had folded in until I Googled it just now. That’s how I find out stuff these days, so why am I still holding on to all these paper files? Nostalgia? Laziness? Fear? I wish I knew.


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