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Archive for July 6th, 2009

June Check-In

July 6, 2009

I haven’t gotten my elephant-lifting e-mail for June yet but found the report available when I logged onto the FitLinxx site today, so a checking-in I will go.

1. Weigh less and move more.

Last month, I set a couple of sub-goals in this area. I was going to go to the gym 8 times. I did. I lifted 20.7 elephant equivalents, up from 20.2 in May. It would have been more except the leg press machine wasn’t working properly with FitLinxx for a couple of my workouts, and I do the most weight per rep on that piece of equipment. I was going to run 10 times. I did not. I only did 8 runs, spacing them out more than planned because my foot and leg responded to me ramping up the running by ramping up the pain, so I backed off a bit. I did manage to increase the distance on a couple of my weekend runs, so I’m hopeful I’ll be back to doing 5Ks by autumn.

Getting the last few of those runs onto the Nike+ site turned out to be quite a trial, as my nano needed to be restored again (only two weeks since the last time it pulled this crap—or maybe it’s iTunes pulling the crap, I’m not sure). Of course it gave no warning it was about to freak out, so I couldn’t save the run data files; instead I wrote down all the details I could get off the screen before doing the restore. Later I found nikeplusedit.com, which makes it easy to generate new files from the raw data. Since my nano decided to cooperate the next time I tried synching it, I was able to get those new files up and now my Nike+ is up to date and complete.
On the weight front, I finished June a grand total of one pound lighter than I started it. Considering all the food we had a quilt retreat, I’m declaring that a victory.

2. Keep less and organize more.

I set a sub-goal here to donate two 14-gallon bags of clothes and 1 box of books. I did that and a bit more. I also said I’d complete one organization project at home. Using a loose definition of “project”, I succeeded. In the process of replacing the toiletries and makeup I lost at the gym, I went through the space under my sink and the shelf in the linen closest where we keep extras of stuff and weeded out the junk. (I ended up only having to buy a few things to get completely kitted out again.) I also put a whole lot of photos into an album, making that mess of a backlog somewhat less daunting.

3. Surf less and contribute more.

I signed myself up to finish 2 DP projects, proof/format a page a day, and add one memorial or photo a day. Here at least I was an overachiever. I finished five projects for Distributed Proofreaders, which more than offsets the two pages I was short on the proofing/formatting one a day metric. I averaged one memorial and 3 photos per day for Find a Grave, and also sent several suggestions for edits on existing memorials based on information on the headstone pictures I added.

July is going to be a bit busier than usual for me, and I’m already feeling a little stressed about that, so I’m setting my targets on the low side.
1) Gym 8 times.
2) Run 8 times.
4) Complete one organization project.
5) Finish 1 DP project, proof/format a page a day, and add one memorial or photo a day.

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