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Petty Grievances

June 22, 2009

I won’t go so far as to say I’m glad it’s Monday, but I am rather hoping a new week will bring some fresh energy into my life, as last week was a death by a thousand paper cuts sort of experience. Yes, I exaggerate. It wasn’t all gloom and doom, but it sure seemed like I had more than my usual share of annoyances, from the iPod poutiness to ruining a shirt with drips from a particularly juicy apple (healthy eating has its hazards, as does inattention when doing laundry) to tripping going into the library yesterday and bruising both of my knees on the concrete stairs (I like to think I could have caught myself and stayed upright if I hadn’t been toting two heavy bags of books to donate to the used book sale).

The most major of my minor annoyances last week was losing all the toiletries and makeup from my gym bag, something I noticed when I went to grab them for my shower after working out on Thursday. They weren’t in lost and found that morning, so I figured I’d just set them on the desk at home while I was packing towels and clothes the night before. I had not. Evidently I’d left them in the locker room on Tuesday. Two more checks of the lost and found at different times and a sweep of the locker room Friday morning didn’t turn them up, either. I was so mad at myself. I really should be more careful with my stuff, especially after the earbuds incident (though that had a happy ending). Sure, it’s just stuff, and most of it’s easily replaceable (Eucerin, I’m looking at you, you discontinuer of my redness reducing serum), but I still feel like a big stupidhead for losing it. At least the bags themselves didn’t have sentimental value, unlike the earbuds pouch, and I only had to buy a few things to assemble new kits; I just hope I can keep from thinking “stupidhead” every time I shower at the gym from now on.

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One Comment
  1. Denise Says:

    I had just loaded up two squeeze bottles with my fah-ncy swimmer’s shampoo/conditioner when I left them behind at the gym (in the shower, D’OH!)…Never did find them. Frustrating!

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