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Archive for July 1st, 2008

V. Busy

July 1, 2008

Since I wrote my last entry here, I did manage to sort out and format and tag and label the pictures I took at the quilt show and put them in a set on Flickr. I still intend to go through the cemetery pictures from my trip, but haven’t gotten around to that project yet because I’ve been busy doing other things. Working of course, and also some fun stuff which had deadlines for completion, like finishing a set of blocks for a swap I’m in with some quilters on Ravelry and doing some embellishment on blocks for a group baby quilt we’re doing at the office, and getting the house ready for visitors, as Mr. Karen’s parents Dale and Joan came to visit this past weekend for two days of family fun. We started with a dinner Friday night and continued with a cousin’s wedding on Saturday and a reunion meal on Sunday, with smaller gatherings and outings in between those events. I ate too much and stayed up too late and laughed and cried just the right amounts. Pictures from the weekend are here.

I’m not going to do a full-blown goal check-in for June, since there’s not much progress for me to report. On the weighing less front, I lost two pounds, then went to Washington and gained five and a half, came home and lost four and a half of them, went to Ohio and regained four, came home and lost three of those, then had family come to me and gained them back plus a half, two pounds of which I lost again on Monday. I didn’t get around to adding anything to my workout routine, but am pleased that I kept up with my running even when I was away from home (June ended up being a few miles short of my May total, but I am getting faster, so the calories burned went up). I was gone so much and so busy when I was home that I didn’t organize anything, just barely kept up with the mail and stuff. July is looking like it’ll be calmer, so I hope to have good things to report a month from now.

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