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Archive for November 9th, 2002


November 9, 2002

The scale said 151.5 this morning, the same as the Saturday before. Last week, that number made me very happy; this week, it was a little disappointing, especially since I snuck on the scale yesterday morning and saw 151. (Obviously, I have not made tremendous progress since I wrote about how the scale makes me crazy; I still have a hard time staying away.) I’d half expected my weight to plateau this week; it makes sense that my body might need to catch its breath after losing almost seven pounds in two weeks. But still, it’s a little discouraging to stick to my diet and work out and still not lose anything. I know I just need to keep doing the right things and the weight will come off eventually. It’s just hard to wait and keep the faith sometimes.

The good news about this plateau is I can see goal weight from here. The end of my journey is in sight, and it’s not so far off that I wonder if I’ll ever get there. I will get there. Granted, there are some obstacles in the way that have the potential to slow my journey. That big ol’ Thanksgiving turkey is looking rather intimidating, for one, especially since he’s surrounded by his posse of high fat side dishes and yummy desserts. Lurking behind the turkey is Seductive Ski Trip, who says “go ahead and have three really big meals a day; you need lots of energy to make it down the slopes”. Detouring around these obstacles is not the answer, since celebrating holidays and going on vacation are not things I’m willing to give up in order to get and stay thin.

Despite not losing any poundage, this past week seemed like turning point in my weight loss efforts. For the first time in a long time, I’m sure the smaller woman inside me is not only still there but is also on her way out to the surface. I’m not sure why these last three pounds should have made such a big difference, but I definitely feel thinner now in a way I haven’t before. I also have objective proof: I bought pants at REI yesterday. I don’t mean stretchy so you can fit into them even if they’re too small long underwear pants, either, I mean actual going out in public pants. I’ve never been able to do that before; evidently there aren’t enough full-figured women out there skiing and hiking to make them think they need to stock larger sizes. This time, I found several styles of pants that fit. I still had to go with an adjustable elastic waist, but that’s not because I needed the stretch, that’s because the non-elastic waists were all too big in the sizes that fit my hips. (Perhaps hourglass-shaped figures are underrepresented in the skiing and hiking contingents as well. Would “my hips are 12 inches bigger than my waist, and I ski” be a good bumper sticker?) I was so happy to find I could wear so many of the pants in the store that I had to talk myself out of buying multiple pairs. I told myself that when I reach goal, I’ll be an even smaller size, and I can buy plenty of pants then.


If you’d like to read still more about my weight, I’ve added a weight log page to my site.

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