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On Shimmer and Glitter

December 4, 2012

I was playing with the new set of plugins I got for paint.net (the ones here from pyrochild and used up the time I had allotted today to create original content for this site. I did just create that sentence right there, but that’s with time I should be spending driving home or doing more work or talking a walk or one of the other things on my list. Thus I am going to reuse some of the photos I posted to my nail blog today, complete with the crude watermarks I originally downloaded paint.net to do. In all the years I’ve been writing this journal, I can think of only one or two times someone’s used an image of mine without permission. When I started the nail blog, I thought it would be the same. Nope. I had many photos used by eBay sellers before I started watermarking early this year. The watermarks haven’t stopped the stealing entirely, but it has slowed down and the watermarks have given me additional support when I ask to have my content taken down from sites and people that use it without permission. It’s a bit tedious to put them on there (thus my search for additional tools, and I’m still looking for more), but worth it to me so I can continue to expand my participation in the wonderful world of nail polish online.

Speaking of nail polish, one of my favorites from today’s post was this wonderful smoky blue microflakie shimmer from OPI called On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (part of a collection released as a movie tie-in with Skyfall). So much visual interest here:

And of course I liked the glitter from the collection; that one’s called The Living Daylights and here it is over another microflakie shimmer from the collection, The World is Not Enough:

Seeing these photos, which I took a couple weeks ago, has me itching to put some glitter on my tips, but I don’t have any time allotted for that today, either. I am so spoiled to have so many things I want to do and the resources to do them. Now I just need to find more time.


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One Comment
  1. Amanda Says:

    I love the sparkly, glittery nail polishes. About 1/3 of my (cheap, from the chemist) nail polishes are bottles of glittery meant for top coat colours. I’m wishing I were more adept at the flat matte colours, because when the sparkles are added over the top, they look just amazing. (A red sparkle over a deep purple had me swooning. Course the purple jagged-edged polish job look a bit like a shaky crack addict had applied, but baby steps…)

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