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Many Pictures, Few Words

December 4, 2006

As I said last night, I’m back from D.C. (is it okay to call it that, or is it dorky, like calling Las Vegas just “Vegas”? and if it’s okay, should it be just “DC” without the periods? and if I have an internal monologue like this as I write each sentence, will I ever finish this entry?). I spent an excellent long weekend there in the company of some wonderful woman I don’t get to see enough of; I laughed a lot and slept a little and ate too much and drank a bit of hard cider from time to time. I hope we get to do it again before too long and that the ladies who couldn’t make this gathering can join in the fun then, too. I also hope I’m not fighting a cold the next time; I feel like I’ve been sick for weeks, just enough to make me feel draggy and gross but not enough to let me stay home from work with a clear conscience. I’m swamped at work now and need all the brainpower I can get from my poor Comtrex-addled head, so instead of writing up a full trip report like I’m wont to do, I invite you to enjoy this photoset at Flickr instead. (You may notice there are no pictures of the women; I did take some but I am not so skilled at choosing flattering angles or figuring out when to use flash and when to not and such other technicalities. Moving subjects are hard.)

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