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What’s Inside

December 20, 2011

Purse Contents

A couple days ago I let you all look into my linen closet; today you get a peek at what’s in my purse. I was planning to take this photo before I cleaned anything out, but I just couldn’t quite do it: I took three folded sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 paper and put them into the recycling bin before I clicked the shutter release button (they were a printout of a blog entry about the CVS beauty clearance). There are still some things that don’t belong here—receipts to be filed, brochures to be scanned and recycled, some expired coupons—but none of those date back more than a week or so, which means I’m not too far behind with my regular cleanouts. The two most embarrassing things are the nail file that’s been broken for two months which I haven’t yet replaced and the snack size zip top bag I’m using in place of a credit card holder or wallet. I have a wallet; I just never put my cards back into it after taking them out of my travel purse after our October vacation. Still, by my standards, I’m doing pretty well in the purse crap department.


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One Comment
  1. Lynn C Dot Says:

    Funny! I use a rubber band for my wallet. Wallets, otherwise, take up too much space. The thing I find confounding is why whatever key ring I’m looking for is on the bottom of the purse even if its the very last thing I put in there.

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