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Paying It Forward

December 17, 2011

One of my friends works in retail, and she’s close friends with the woman who manages layaway at their store. This past week, a man came into the store and went to layaway and said that God had been good to him and he wanted to show his appreciation by paying off as many Christmas layaways as possible. The ladies working that day went looking for ones that had toys and other children’s items in them, and when all was said and done, the man had paid off nine people’s layaways for a total of around $1,000. Wow. There were some lean years in my family when I was growing up, so I can imagine the relief and joy this man’s gift brought. I’m thinking a woman like my mom, trying to support herself and her kids after the divorce and figure out where the money for Christmas is going to come from, getting the call that her layway’s been paid off and she can come get the presents she picked out. I could now be the one to give that sort of gift, but I’m enough of an emotional wimp that I prefer to do my charitable giving from my desk at home, where I can sniffle about the animals or cancer patients or homeless people in private as I’m writing my checks or filling in the blanks on a donor form online.


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