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Not One But Two Finished Quilts

  As you can see from the photos, I did finish the baby quilts for my baby grandnieces which I wrote about earlier this month. I sewed the labels on with a few days to spare before I was heading to Chicagoland, where one of the babies lives. The other baby lives in California, and […]

Circus Baby Two Quilt

I am on some sort of creative roll lately. Here’s the latest project I’ve finished, a baby quilt commissioned by a woman at one of my employer’s customers for her great niece. In what I think may be some kind of record for me, it went from vague idea to finished quilt in a little […]

Group Baby Quilt

This is the baby quilt I worked on during the retreat. As I mentioned in that entry, my goal was to get it ready to present at the baby shower Friday evening. By spending time on it both before and after work every day, I managed to get it basted, quilted, and bound in time, […]

Twin Quilts

In what I believe is a new record for lateness for me, these are baby quilts for twins who are already 18 months old; my old record was sixteen months, set with Cordelia’s Quilt. The design process for these started, as my quilts so often do, with picking a focus fabric. In this case, it […]

Pastel Jungle Quilt

I sewed the label on this quilt last night, so now I’ve finished both the projects that had me in the doldrums earlier this month (the other one was the corn socks). As I mentioned in that earlier entry, I started this quilt back in October. I wanted to have it done before the baby […]

Quilt Done and Quilts To Do

This past Sunday I finished up this latest group baby quilt made by the crafty ladies of Purple Systems. Of the four or so we’ve done, I had the least input on this one. Other people picked the colors and came up with the design and cut the pieces and did the fusible applique. I […]

Weasel Four-Patch

This baby quilt went from a stack of fabrics to finished product in less than a month, much faster than the three months it took me to finish the last one I did. It helps to not be out of town one week out of every four, for sure. I made this quilt for the […]

Go Mice Go Quilt

I put the last stitches in this baby quilt last night, a little over three months after I pulled a stack of fabrics for it out of my stash closet. About the time I was starting this project, I saw this picture of a quilt inspired by this pattern from the Purl Bee and thought […]

Ark Quilt III – The Procrastinating

What we have here is a baby quilt that really should have been done around Thanksgiving but which was, I confess, completed only Thursday night, when by sheer luck I was able to thread the invisible eye of the applique needle and thus sew the label on. I had the layout done at the end […]

Trucks Quilt

The idea for this baby quilt was to do something quickly, as the baby turned one in July and it was mid-September when I finally got started on his gift. Obviously that idea didn’t pan out, it being mid-November right now. The pattern (Tileworks from Quiltmaker magazine, September/October 2004) is simple enough as written, but […]

Harry Potter Baby Quilt

After I posted my last quilt to do list back in February, Denise told me I didn’t need to worry about a quilt for baby Ben, but since I really, really wanted to make one and she didn’t absolutely forbid me, I came up with this Harry Potter themed quilt for him. It seemed fitting […]

Zig Zag Baby Quilt

This quilt’s for baby Boo, who is already crawling, so it’s about time I got it done. I had the top assembled months ago but got busy and distracted and only finished the whole project last week. Having to go into work really cuts into my sewing time, I tell you what. I came up […]

Animal 123 Baby Quilt

This is the baby quilt I sewed the top for at retreat. I mentioned in at least one earlier entry that I wasn’t liking the fabrics that much, and now that it’s finished, I still sort of don’t. Plenty of people have told me it’s cute, and the dad seemed to like it, and he […]

Cordelia’s Quilt

Here, finally, is the quilt for Cordelia, who at sixteen months holds the title of oldest baby to receive a quilt from me. (So much for that one year rule I have.) I meant to get it done earlier; it was on my to do list for over a year, and I remember buying fabric […]

Animal ABC Quilt

This is the quilt the half-square triangle units went into. I made it for the little sister of the girl who got the ABC Spin quilt and the boy who got the ABC quilt a couple years before that. Since I like quilts for siblings to have some common elements, I focused on the letter […]

Picture Play Quilt

Finally, a finished *quilted* object. This is for Baby October (as mentioned on my quilt to-do list). Looking at it, it seems like it shouldn’t have taken me as long as it did, what with it being just squares, but there are 98 different fabrics used, and since I almost always cut more pieces than […]

Story Baby Quilt

And here is the first completed project off my list, the quilt for Baby June. It also falls under the Modern Quilt-Along umbrella, as the pattern is Once Upon a Time from The Modern Quilt Workshop. Of course, as with the other quilt I’m doing from the book, I had to add my own touches. […]

Robot Baby Quilt

This poor baby quilt–I started it sometime around the end of April and only finished it now because it got put aside while I worked on the heart quilt and then on the wedding quilt and then on nothing at all during my recent slump. Still, the baby is not even six months old yet, […]

Jen’s Quilt

This quilt is really for baby Li, whom Jen and her husband and her son will be going to China to adopt any week now (hurry up, paperwork!), but my brain insists on calling it “Jen’s quilt”. Maybe when Li is finally here and I get to meet her my brain will adjust. Though I […]

ABC Spin Quilt

Like the last one, this quilt was finished just in time for the baby’s first birthday. In deciding on the design, I started with a picture of the quilt I made for the baby’s brother a few years ago and then went through my baby quilt ideas folder and pulled out patterns with half-square triangles […]

Cartoon Baby Quilt

I didn’t get the charity quilt done in time for the November guild meeting like I wanted to, but I did finish this baby quilt just in time for the baby’s first birthday. It’s loosely based on this pattern from Quiltmaker magazine. I should have taken a little more time to design my adaptation, or […]

Ark Quilt II

I finished this baby quilt over the weekend. It’s the second quilt I’ve made for this family; the older brother got the first ark quilt, so named because the main fabric featured Noah and Mrs. Noah and pairs of animals and, of course, the ark. The main fabric in this one just has the animals […]

Circus Baby Quilt

I thought I’d be writing this entry at least a month ago. When I delivered the plane baby quilt, the top to this quilt was already done. Somehow it’s taken me two months to finish it up. For a project that’s only three by four feet, that’s pretty slow, even considering I was out of […]

Plane Baby Quilt

If quilts had subtitles, this one’s would be “just in time”. It’s one of the two baby quilts I got a commission for earlier this year. It was going to be the second one because we were waiting to see if that baby’s gender would be revealed in an ultrasound; the woman I made this […]

Rail Fence Baby Quilt

Ta da! I finished another baby quilt, putting the last stitches in the label this morning about 7:15. It’s only been about two weeks since I finished the last one (less, if you consider that I was out of town for four days). I am on a roll. Now, it helps a lot that this […]

Soccer Baby Quilt II

One down, eleven to go. Here’s the baby quilt I just finished. It’s for the brother of the boy who got the first soccer baby quilt. Like the two boys share some DNA, these quilts share some of the same fabrics. I’d saved the leftover triangles, some of them already sewn together into squares, from […]

Delphine’s Quilt

Here’s the quilt I mentioned briefly yesterday. It is not the project that was next on my list after the last baby quilt. I thought I’d start on the memory quilt after the mystery quilt party. Before Erica and I even had our cutting day for that, though, the opportunity to go to Toronto came […]

Pinwheel Baby Quilt

Here’s my latest, yet another baby quilt for a coworker. If my colleagues keep reproducing at their current rate, I may actually make a dent in my fabric stash (or I would if I’d stop buying more fabric, anyway). For this one, I actually started with a pattern– Lauren’s Pinwheels from Fon’s and Porters’ For […]

Zoo Baby Quilt

Yesterday I finished another baby quilt, and now I am all caught up with the offspring born to my coworkers this year. Even though this is one of the simplest quilts I’ve made, with only ten fabrics and one basic block design, it took me about two months to make. If I had worked on […]

Kitty Baby Quilt

I finally finished the baby quilt I’ve been working on since mid-May. I guess eleven weeks is not all that long a time to take to make a quilt, but it felt like it took forever, maybe because this project came right after my successful quilt in a week experience, or maybe because I was […]

Soccer Quilt

Yesterday, I finished another baby quilt, this one with a soccer theme, since the baby’s dad is soccer guy. The remarkable part is that I’d only started it the week before, and I didn’t take any vacation time to sew, either. I’ve never done one that fast before. Now, granted, it is the simplest baby […]

Birdseed Quilt

It’s Cinco de Mayo, and I’m celebrating because I finished a project, a baby quilt with a birds and nature theme. Having just been born, the baby hasn’t developed any interests of her own yet to base a quilt on, but her parents are birders. They’ve taken vacations to see birds in far-flung locations and […]

Baby Quilt Rules

I have been stealing time from morning pages to sew. So many quilts to make, so little time. Between now and mid-October, I have eight baby quilts I want to do, including the one I’m working on now. Four of those are for babies that are already born. I also want to finish the calendar […]

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