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Why I Do It

While I was in Las Vegas, my domain registration renewed, which marked my third anniversary here at my own space after about a year and a quarter at the now-kaput Diary-X. That certainly doesn’t make me old school, but it’s still a fair chunk of time to have been writing about my life online. When […]

Dear A.

(Note: I am pretty sure A. does not read this journal, so if you are reading this, you are almost certainly not A.) I once believed we would be friends. Not best friends, since that slot is already filled on both sides and anyway it’s hard to find the time needed to really get that […]

Praise Be to A.C.

Summer is my least favorite season. I can’t take the heat (or the humidity), and I can’t always get out of the kitchen. At least now I have a car with air conditioning; my first car didn’t. I can clearly remember sticky summer days driving that car home from work when I had the job […]

Ah, Spring

When I went out at lunchtime today (not to eat, but to go to the quilt shop to get some purples and reds for the baby quilt that decided it needed more dark in it) I left my coat in the office. I love that about spring–just walking outside and finding the air is soft […]

Meant to Be

I’ve got some Irish blood in me, but I don’t know about any Irish luck. I think my brother got that–the kind of luck that brings famine but at least not everyone perishes from it–he’s the one that crashed a truck into a pole and flew out through the windshield and walked away. I’d probably […]

Mountains of Fun

If I could, I’d live in the mountains. If I could, I’d swim in the sea. If I were the queen of the universe, there’d be no alarm for me. Heck, I’d think hard about giving up the mountains and the sea if only I could sleep as long as I wanted to every day. […]

Christmas Past

A definitive sign I’m really a grown-up, my large collection of Eeyore shirts and watches notwithstanding: I did not wake up this morning, Christmas Day, until Mr. Karen gently shook my shoulder and let me know the alarm clock hadn’t gone off. We needed to get up right then or we would be late for […]

A Belated Thank You Letter

Dear Ms. Parks, I meant to write earlier. I even considered coming down to see you at the museum a few weeks ago but couldn’t quite muster up the nerve. I felt–still feel–odd approaching you. What could I possibly say? What legitimate claim could I make on your attention? How could I explain how you, […]

Happy Halloween

I’ve been so busy this month that Halloween has been an afterthought. In years past, October often meant working on costumes to wear to parties–like the Snow White I recycled for the masquerade ball last month or Mr. Karen’s carrot (inspired by the Monty Python “Spot the Loony” sketch; I went as a bag of […]

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