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Wrapping Up Things

February 29, 2016

This will be the last installment documenting my Thingadailies participation, during which I made very few actual things. Oddly for someone who used to get stressed about stuff like that, I’m perfectly okay with this outcome.

February 21st

Unclear on the keg pull concept

I made many noises of surprise and delight during my favorite event of Winter Carnival, the K9 keg pull. I loved watching the dogs who went fast and the ones who went slow and the ones who weren’t sure what their owners wanted them to do and the ones standing in line waiting for their turn and just all the dogs.

February 22nd
Mr. Karen and I made it safely down the mountain road and into town despite not having any breakfast due to having to fast for the blood tests required by our health insurance to avoid having our premiums raised and benefits cut.

February 23rd

Sometimes I can't believe this is my new home

I made soaking in the glory of a sunny day on the mountain a priority.

February 24th

Twin Cities

I made a trip by plane for the first time all ski season, heading back east to Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan.

February 25th


I made like MacGuyver and fixed the squeak from the screen mounted in the rental car by using Gorilla tape. Odd note: I did not rent this car from Hertz, so I do not know why it has a Hertz never lost GPS thingy in it.

February 26th

One of four cats

I made a visit to a friend’s house for dinner and one of their four cats deigned to sit for a portrait.

February 27th
I made progress on some to do list items, none of which were photogenic.

February 28th

Not quite sold, but closer

I made sure to document that our “for sale” sign is now “sale pending” sign.

February 29th

Scarf still in progress

I made not quite half a scarf during the whole month of Thingadailies. That is quite a lot more scarf than I made in the month before Thingadailes, so I’m declaring this experiment a success.

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