Hat on Top, Coat Below


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Entries in the ‘August Journal Pantsdown’ Subcategory

I See London, I See France

Do kids still use that singsong taunt on the playground? I see London, I see France, I see Karen’s underpants! It’s been running through my head because I’m having underwear issues. I hope they’re not obvious to the outside world, but it’s hard to know. It’s not exactly polite to talk to coworkers or strangers […]

Supply Lust

I got a catalog in the mail the other day. A catalog arriving at our house is not usually a remarkable event—it seems like Sierra Trading Post alone sends us two or three a week– but this catalog was special. This catalog made me stop flipping through the stack of mail and pick it up […]

Dainty I Ain’t

The princesses I grew up with were Snow White and Cinderella and that chick in “The Princess and the Pea”. These were dainty creatures, with high, sweet voices and tiny feet and delicate sensibilities. They were fairy tale make believe people, nothing to do with reality and certainly not something I wanted to be when […]

WWJD if he played baseball?

On NPR Monday morning, I heard a Seattle Mariner saying, as justification for why the players need to be paid more and might strike over the issue, “We deserve to be compensated for the talents God gave us.” If my radio had a sanctimonious sensor, it would have gone to red alert. I’ve tried to […]


It’s shining fashion moments day, in which I dig through my photo albums and share the very best looks from four decades of getting dressed. Looking at them now, they might seem like faux pas, but at the time, I was stylin’. Here’s the evidence (the pictures are links today, so you can choose to […]

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