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Archive for July 9th, 2024

A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 27

July 9, 2024

Monday, July 1: Remember when the installer ran out of floor tiles because the estimator didn’t estimate properly how many we’d need to deal with all the nooks and crannies in this old condo? (June 18 if you don’t recall, and there’s no reason you should.) Well, the order for the additional tiles we’d need came in, and the installer came back and finished that part of the job, only to find that there wasn’t enough of the quarter round to finish up the job. So that means another couple weeks at least while we wait for more to be ordered and shipped and a new installer assigned (the one who’s been here is booked up). It’s wrapped in vinyl to coordinate with the flooring, so we couldn’t just go to the big box store and buy it ourselves just to get this project done, which was my first thought. I like the floor and I’m glad we finally did it, but wow I didn’t expect it would take quite so long to complete.

Brown vinyl flooring in a stone pattern. On the right side of the frame, the base of the warm wood walls is trimmed with quarter round molding that matches the floor. On the left side, there is no trim.

Tuesday, July 2: Sailing day. There was enough wind that the boat heeled over more than it had the previous times I’d been on it, which was bit nervous-making for me. I trust Mr. Karen to handle things but the part of my brain that thinks the boat might tip over isn’t super receptive to reason. I’ll get there with some more exposure, I hope.

White sails againsts a blue sky with white clouds.

Wednesday, July 3: Went to check on the huckleberry patch where we usually start our season. There were some ripe berries, but many were still green or red, not yet that deep purple we’re looking for. I did get a few ounces since I was out there, but will wait at least until after the holiday weekend to get serious about picking.

Green leaves of a huckleberry bush with several berries scattered on the branches: deep purple, berry red, and green all on the same bush.

Thursday, July 4: Went to a BBQ at a friend’s house. Took a cheese plate because then I don’t feel guilty for eating so much cheese. Clockwise from the orange: 3-year local sharp cheddar, manchego, gjestost, cheddar style goat.

Stoneware plate with yellow daisies in the center ringed by four colors of cheese pieces fanned out around the perimeter.

Friday, July 5: Spent the day at home recovering from the revelry of the day before. Noticed that the mat by the front door had gotten flipped over during the floor project, though it looked neat. Also thought it looked like we could use a new mat by the front door.

Woven rope mat with uneven open grid of natural color fiber overlaid on background stripes of thicker colored ropes: burgundy, teal, orange, purple, brown.

Saturday, July 6: Stayed long enough at the party I went to that one of the cats came out to investigate. She was not into my attention whatsoever.

Fluffy tri color housecat standing near a wall ignoring the photographer.

Sunday, July 7: Another sailing day. I think I’m getting slightly better at steering when it’s my turn. The new thing today was using the genoa (bigger) instead of the jib (smaller) for the foresail.

Point of a white sail on the right side of the frame with a lake behind it and mountains in the distance.



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