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Archive for June 28th, 2024

A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 25

June 28, 2024

Monday, June 17: Work on the floor in our home continued, with the actual flooring starting to go in some areas while others got more leveling goop on them. On my way to town to escape that mess, I stopped to take some photos of the beargrass blooming about halfway down the mountain.

Four stalks of beargrass blooming in a wooded area. Three of them are fully in bloom while one in back has yet to reach that stage.

Tuesday, June 18: Was looking forward to our new flooring getting finished. Unfortunately, much like the leveling step was mis-estimated, so was the amount of tile. Instead of the installer having about 10% more than needed as discussed when we paid for the material (I had visions of using that to do one or both of the upstairs bathrooms ourselves if it seemed easy enough), he ended up a couple tiles short. Wish they’d let the installer do the estimate. Since the pattern wasn’t one of their in stock ones, more will have to be ordered and he’ll have to come back after it arrives to finish up the tile and put in the quarter round molding.

Room with warm rough wood paneled walls, a door covering in souvenir magnets, and stone pattern vinyl tile with one tile missing by the door.

Wednesday, June 19: The face washing wristbands I ordering online after seeing them recommended somewhere I no longer recall arrived, and I tried them for the first time. They are nice and soft but a tad small to go over my hands. Definitely keep water from dripping down my elbows and onto the floor when I wash my face. Not yet convinced that’s enough of a benefit to make having to store them and wash them worthwhile.

My forearm with a light pink wristband held above a white bathroom sink set into a slate blue counter.

Thursday, June 20: Saw this little stream on the walk home from the village after getting our mail.

Narrow stream full with rushing water tumbling over rocks on a steep embankment surrounded by green trees.

Friday, June 21: Sunny afternoon on the sailboat.

Me, a white 60something woman, wearing a tan fabric sunhat with a strap below my chin, a yellow orange tshirt, and wire framed glasses, looking at the camera and smiling slightly with background of a sailboat cockpit and then the lake and a hill in the distance on shore.

Saturday, June 22: Went to a Pride party in down in the city, to have fun and support my friends.

Canvas canopy tent with various small sized Pride flags draped under it.

Sunday, June 23: Out on the boat again, this time with the strongest wind we’ve had so far. So much wind that we reefed the mainsail (I’m still learning new words). I found it intimidating but Mr. Karen was fine since he’s sailed in similar conditions in a much smaller and tippy-er boat. My finest moment came when I used our dock pole to snag a mostly deflated helium balloon that was tumbling along the surface of the water. I’m still working on my steering and not freaking out when the boat leans over what I consider too far.

Looking up at a white sailboat sail, which has been shortened from its normal height by tying up some of the bottom portion to the mast.



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