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Archive for June 14th, 2024

A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 23

June 14, 2024

Monday, June 3: Made it back home. Took the less scenic route as we had to pick up Mr. Karen’s vehicle at the airport in Spokane, and apparently I found this so uninspiring that the best photo I took all day was a selfie on the couch as I was winding down scrolling social media on my phone after the drive. This was a response to a friend posting a meme reading “78% of women reading this have their hair in a weird bun right now”.

Self portrait of me, a sixty-something white woman with blue hair pulled up into a bun secured by a claw clip. One of my eybrows looks half there and the other looks like Mr. Spock's on Star Trek, as I didn't put on makeup and even them out.

Tuesday, June 4: Dentist time, for a filling on a spot that has been on the watch and see if it gets worse part of my chart for quite a while. It had been a long time since I had this sort of work done, and either the anesthetic was stronger this time or I just forgot how bizarre is to have half my face numb for so long afterward.

Viewpoint from person sitting in an exam chair in a dentist's office. There's a window through which a car can be seen driving by on the road outside.

Wednesday, June 5: Just another normal day when an excavator rolls down the street in front of my house. (And yes, the sailboat is still in the driveway because the lake level has been slow to be brought up this summer due to a problem with the dam that controls it.)

Looking out a sliding glass door. There's a balcony on the other side. Through the slats in the railing of that, a bright yellow construction excavator can be seen in the street.

Thursday, June 6: I’m pretty sure I’ve used the cut end of a bunch of celery as my photo of the day sometime before, but I particularly liked this composition, with the tiny bits of broccoli scattered in the background.

Looking straight down at the cut end of a bunch of celery, which looks a bit like a flower. This is sitting on a white cutting board background with bright green tiny bits of broccoli also on the surface of the cutting board.

Friday, June 7: Finally taking down the holiday lights. I liked having them up through the dark days of winter and the rainy days of spring, and then left them up so our friend who visiting in May and appreciates that sort of thing could see them, but it was time for them to come down and get packed away until winter comes again.

Yellow, blue, and red Christmas bulbs on a dark green cord draped over an orange couch.

Saturday, June 8: Been feeling not quite right all week, not sure if it was being tired from the trip, allergies kicking up, some germs picked up on the trip … took four COVID tests from two brands over several days and all showed negative, so I guess it’s probably not that even though I’ve seen other people posting their positive tests recently so it’s definitely still around.

White plastic COVID-19 test showing pinkish red control line only.

Sunday, June 9: I’m generally pretty lucky with laundry and get out as many socks as I put into the machines, but this week I had two singletons in the basket of clean clothes, including the one shown below. Not too many hours after I took this photo to remind me to look for the other one, it turned up somewhere I was pretty sure I’d looked before, and the mate to the other singleton was discovered lounging on top of my hiking boot in the same hallway as the laundry center.

Denim blue crew length sock with tan trim and design that reads Olympic Long Sleeper. It's on a medium brown blanket.



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