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Archive for June 10th, 2024

A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 21

June 10, 2024

Monday, May 20: On the road again, solo this time (but only for the first part of the trip). Left my mountain (which still had some snow on it) a bit after noon and made it to Laurel, Montana for the night (somewhere I’d never stayed before in all the times I’ve been on this route both on my own and with Mr. K). I took only one slight detour, driving around a bit to see if I could find a better view of the mountains I’d seen from the gas station, which ended up with me skirting the boundaries of the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (see below). Oh, and I also made an unnecessary for bodily or car needs stop to admire the sunset.

Barb wire topped chain link fence in the foreground. Airport tower and buildings in the middle, Snow capped mountains in the distance.

Tuesday, May 21: A very long day of driving (all the way to St. Cloud, Minnesota), punctuated by a brief visit to Theodore Roosevelt National Park (this area had been closed when Mr. K and I last came by so I was happy to see that had changed).

Me, a somewhat past middle aged white lady, looking into the camera and holding one hand to my forehead to serve as a visor to keep the sun from making me squint. My hair is bright blue, and I'm wearing a tee shirt with narrow white and orchid stripes. Landscape behind me has light brown rounded hill formations in a green valley.

Wednesday, May 22: All the driving the day before was worth it because it meant I got to my favorite cheese shop in Wisconsin before it closed for the day (unlike on the last trip). Continued on from there to the Chicagoland suburbs, which is where I needed to be for my craft conference.

Two-story brown wooden building with CHEESE CHALET sign on it in yellow letters. A sign that just reads CHEESE towers above it.

Thursday, May 23: I’d built an extra day into my schedule just in case of travel troubles, so I slept in a bit and then meandered before it was time to check in to the conference hotel. Had dinner at Culver’s, which is a favorite. I do feel the need for cheese quite often.

Paper bag like French fries come in with the phrase I Feel the Need for Cheese printed on it in blue.

Friday, May 24: Chose my I Heart Being Weird socks for the first day of conference activities.

My legs from calves down. Socks are lavender with black, yellow, and red accents. Shoes are running shoes/trainers in purple, white, and black.

Saturday, May 25: Took classes during the day, then went out with a friend to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. After that, I popped into the introverts room at the conference, which was new this year. Lower light levels, quiet, and had activities like this jigsaw puzzle.

Jigsaw puzzle pieces sitting on a table. The frame has been assembled, with loose pieces sorted by color/design sitting next to it.

Sunday, May 26: Was fascinated by the color-changing stripe on a friend’s car when we took it to dinner.

Close up of the hood of a car with two bold stripes running vertically in the frame. These stripes shift from maroon to greenish black and are on a yellow orange background.



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