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Archive for May 23rd, 2024

A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 20

May 23, 2024

Monday, May 13: Watching a Cubs game off the DVR while Mr. Karen and our guest were out adventuring, I got to see a double rainbow during a rain delay (though this picture of it doesn’t show it to best advantage).

Television screen showing baseball stadium with a rainbow arching behind the outfield.

Tuesday, May 14: When it’s the end of the day and I haven’t taken any decent shots, the view from the window is always there.

Looking out across a blacktop street to a mountain valley. There's a tall pine tree on the left side of the view just across the street.

Wednesday, May 15: Dropped Mr. Karen and our guest off by the river so they could do a bit of kayaking. It’s been a while since I was a shuttle bunny.

Two kayaks, one yellow and one red, with gear sitting on the ground with a screen of trees behind them and a small river behind the trees.

Thursday, May 16: Drove into Washington and then almost to Canada with our guest, doing a couple small hikes to a waterfall along the way, then lunch with pie at a local cafe, then a cave tour and another hike to the border before heading back home, stopping for dinner at a surprisingly good restaurant we’d only drive by before as it looks sort of like a car dealership. I don’t see waterfalls or caves everyday, and those were neat, but I think I enjoyed the various wildflowers along the hiking trails as much, including these yellow ones I don’t remember seeing anywhere before.

Wildflower in a patch of green plants. The small yellow flowers are bunched into two rounded groups on one stem.

Friday, May 17: Had a bit of snow up on the mountain in the morning, but the weather cleared by afternoon so we were able to go down to town and enjoy an early dinner before settling in to watch the car parade that kicks off the 50s festival. The requirements to be in the parade are pretty flexible; the vehicles don’t have to have been around in the 50s. Most are old-ish and/or interesting in some way. It was a very small town event and a nice way to cap off our guest’s visit.

Watching a car parade pass by. Vehicles are lined up in two lanes.

Saturday, May 18: When there’s a rainbow over the lake when you’re driving to town, you have to stop and take a picture. It’s the rules.

View into a mountain valley with a lake at the low point. There are some clouds in the  sky and a partial rainbow below them.

Sunday, May 19: Semi-dramatic sky at twilight on my drive home. I decided I had to pull over to document it, mostly because I hadn’t taken any photos earlier in the day.

Wet blacktop road between tall pine trees. In the distance, there are clouds lit up with gold.



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