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Archive for April 18th, 2024

A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 13

April 18, 2024

Monday, March 25: I had a chunk of time between when I had to check out of my hotel and when I had to return the rental car for my flight home, so used a bit of that to wander through one of the convention spaces at the hotel I’d been staying at. I feel like this dome is a detail that wouldn’t be included in a hotel built today, so I appreciated it still being here despite the clouding of the panels.

Rectangular translucent panels in a half round dome with glass tower visible behind.

Tuesday, March 26: Back at home. These bird tracks in the light snow caught my eye when going to get the mail.

Black asphalt with a very light covering of snow that's been walked on by a bird, leaving black tracks.

Wednesday, March 27: Disappointed to find that one of my cheese of the month cheeses was all moldy before I got a chance to try it, despite being stored in the “good for weeks” special bag it came in. I’ll know better next time.

Wedge of pale orange cheese with green and white fuzzy mold spots covering much of the surface. Cheese is on a bright orange yellow plastic cutting board.

Thursday, March 28: Several inches of fresh snow overnight made my return to the slopes even more pleasant.

My head and shoulders dressed for skiing, with snow covered trees behind me on the slope.

Friday, March 29: When it’s getting on to evening and I haven’t taken any decent pictures yet, the view out front usually provides as it did this day.

Looking out a window across a blacktop street to snow covered mountains and valley beyond.

Saturday, March 30: And sometimes I forget to even do a late in the day picture and end up using things like this cropped version of a screenshot I accidentally took of a Happy Color picture I was working on coloring.

Screen shot from coloring book app with mostly completed picture of a sunflower with bees on it and a windmill in the background. Numbered circles with colors are lined up at the bottom of the frame.

Sunday, March 31: The lake view was too beautiful for me to do anything but stop and snap a photo on my way down to town.

View of a valley with a lake and snow covered mountains in the background.



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