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Archive for April 2nd, 2024

A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 12

April 2, 2024

Monday, March 18: Warm enough to ski without my fleece neck gaiter (and yes, my helmet chin strap is too loose here).

My head in the foreground, suited up for skiing with plum helmet and reflective goggles. Ski run behind me.

Tuesday, March 19: Spring greens to play with, along with some black that looks more like deep greyish brown to me but I can work with that.

Hanks of nylon cord, from top: two yellow green, two dark brown, two spring green, one dark green and yellow.

Wednesday, March 20: Flying out of Spokane heading for a long crafty weekend in Chicagoland.

Looking out an airplane window with the wing and winglet visibile with farmland below.

Thursday, March 21: Drove out to the far suburbs to get the pizza of my childhood: sausage cheese and mushrooms, thin crust, square cut, from the same business my parents ordered from when I was a girl. They’ve moved locations but the recipe doesn’t seem to have changed.

Think crust pizza cut into squares.

Friday, March 22: Covid conscious conference attending. I re-blued my hair before I left home so people I knew only from online could spot me more easily, but didn’t take into account that there are way more folks with bright hair colors in the big city than in my little Idaho home.

Me, with bright blue hair, glasses with purple and silver metal frames, a black KF94 mask, and a rust shirt with a tan rope hearts design.

Saturday, March 23: Glass light sculpture in the lobby of the host hotel. Seems like not quite-Chihuly to me but maybe it’s legit.

Light fixture made of many orange glass textured cones.

Sunday, March 24: End of the weekend from my hotel room. Not sure when I was last this high up in a building.

Looking out a window at a concrete and glass building, with glass towers reflected in some of the windows.



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