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Archive for March 9th, 2024

A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 8

March 9, 2024

Monday, February 19: Still finishing up the Valentine’s pictures in the Happy Color app.

Screenshot from the Happy Color app showing a mosaic heart design. The heart is shades of red and pink; the background is rainbow colors

Tuesday, February 20: This stand up pencil case turned out to be the perfect size to hold my computer glasses and a bottle of glasses cleaner, along with a lens wipe cloth. A little thing, but nice to not have to look for where I set my glasses down every time I sit down at the computer.

Desktop with black fabric case standing on end with a red plastic glasses case sticking up out of it. In the foreground, part of black computer mouse on a blue mousepad can be seen.

Wednesday, February 21: Second time trying making “grilled” cheese in the air fryer. This time I knew to put toothpicks in to hold things together, but one slice still got blown up.

Two sandwiches in a black fryer basket.

Thursday, February 22: These two popcorn buckets from Disney Animal Kingdom are among the things in the studio I need to figure out how to get rid of. Just throwing them out seems wasteful, but selling and shipping them to a Disney fan seems like more work than it’s worth. So they sit on the top of this shelf, taunting me. This has been going on so long I think I might have featured them in an earlier photo diary post.

Two pink plastic lotus flower shaped buckets with green plastic leaves.

Friday, February 23: Went down to Spokane for an event and saw a display of the new Coke flavor at the grocery store along the way. Having now tried it, I can say that Coca-Cola Spiced is not what I’d call spicy.

Store display with cases of Coca-Cola and a large display piece for Coca-Cola Spiced flavor.

Saturday, February 24: It’s been a while since we’ve had a helium balloon floating around the house. This little one I got for Mr. Karen for Valentine’s Day is still hanging in there.

Heart shaped helium balloon floating near a ceiling fan.

Sunday, February 25: Always glad to see snow falling. And always glad to see doggos.

Winter landscape with snow falling.



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