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Two Scarves

March 9, 2013

Multi scarf

Between the beginning of January and mid-February, I knit two scarves. The one above is for me, the one below went into the Weetacon raffle. I used a free pattern from Maia Spins, which is really two patterns, one for a squared-end scarf with single rows of eyelets to break up the body, and one for a diagonal-end scarf with triple rows of eyelets. I had a bit of trouble following the pattern at some points, but once I’d gotten comfortable with the rhythm of it they went pretty easily.

Blue scarf

When it came time to enter these projects into Ravelry, it took me a while to find the yarn I’d used for the blue one. I kept scrolling through my stash pictures and not seeing it. Why? The stash picture had a lot of pink in it; apparently the red part of the dye faded away while I had the skeins in storage. Bummer. It’s still pretty, but not as pretty as it was.

Yarn from Colorado

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