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Archive for February 19th, 2024

A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 6

February 19, 2024

Monday, February 5: Didn’t ski but did walk to the village with Mr. K to get the mail. The apres scene outside the newest restaurant was subdued thanks to low weekday crowds and slightly gloomy conditions.

Rectangular raised firepit with black rocks anchoring orange flames at the edge of a small ski resort village. Some slopes are in the distance, a bit obscured by fog and fallling snow.

Tuesday, February 6: Did ski. Continue to enjoy the views even though I’ve seen them and seen them. It’s never exactly the same as any other time.

Selfie showing me geared up for skiing at the top of a slope. The cloud covered valley is in the distance.

Wednesday, February 7: Put on a set of fake nails, the first time I’d done anything besides clear treatment coat in a long time.

My hand with a pale gold and multi microglitter nail on the index finger and solid taupe nails on the other digits.

Thursday, February 8: Drove across Washington state for a long weekend in Seattle taking craft classes. Left early enough that I was able to stop at the viewpoint by the Columbia River. (It was technically closed, but easy enough to park by the gate and walk closer to the river.)

Landscape with rocky cliffs on both sides of the river that stretches across the middle of the frame. There is some pale green vegetation growing between some of the rocks.

Friday, February 9: I had some time before the welcome party for my weekend classes so did some tourist stuff, namely parking by the Space Needle and walking to the Pike Place Market and back before my timed ticket for the Chihuly glass exhibit allowed me to enter. Yes, these were things I’d done before but there’s a comfort in that when traveling alone. I did go into a store in between the two that I’d not been to before; it had all purple stuff so of course when I saw it on my walk back I had to go in.

Colorful exhibit of art glass displayed on a shiny black platform. Yellow and gree spheres at the left, purple curvy spikes in the middle, and a red and yellow undulating tower in back.

Saturday, February 10: Treated myself to a late lunch at the conveyor belt sushi place with the robots that deliver beverages.

Several foot tall robot with yellow body and two shelves in back, moving through a restaurant carrying glasses of water and a dish with wasabi.

Sunday, February 11: I’d been fortunate to not get rained on until this day before I was to drive home. It was already spring outside my hotel.

Daffodil covered in raindrops



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