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Archive for February 6th, 2024

A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 5

February 6, 2024

Monday, January 29: My favorite view, showing the sunlight on the mountains across the way.

Looking across a snow covered street to pine trees and further to snow dusted mountains in the distance.

Tuesday, January 30: Ski day. This is the view from the top into the back country, with a blanket of clouds in the valley beyond. As an aside, when we were in the process of buying our condo, Mr. K and I met the Sam for whom Sam’s Alley is named, and the condo came with art by Dorothy, the wife of Jack of Jack’s Dream fame.

Blue ski trail sign with white letters in the left foreground. View into a mountain valley in the distance.

Wednesday, January 31: Spring conditions continue here in January, with brown spots re-appearing on the mountain and the snow melting off the balcony instead of us having to shovel it. On the plus side, it’ll make it easy to remove the Christmas lights (aka winter lights) on the balcony.

Looking out a window to a balcony with a small patch of snow on it. Ski slopes with not enough snow cover for this time of year are visible in the distance.

Thursday, February 1: Technically these two colors of cord for my macrame are different shades, though one could be forgiven for wondering why I need them both.

Two hanks of blue violet nylon cord/rope. One is slightly lighter than the other.

Friday, February 2: I don’t remember if the Happy Color app has marked Groundhog Day in the Holiday’s tab before, but they did this year.

Screenshot from Happy Color app of a colored in picture showing a groundhog wearing black top hat and red plaid scarf in a wintery scene, with the words Groundhog Day overlaid in white at the center bottom of the image.

Saturday, February 3: Snowing again; hope this stuff sticks around a while.

Snow covered bushes, ground, and trees at twilight.

Sunday, February 4: Yes, this is more like what winter should look like.

Snow covered trees, both pine and deciduous.



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