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Archive for February 1st, 2024

A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 4

February 1, 2024

Monday, January 22: Recovery from the broken pipes across the street continued. On this day, there was an assortment of service providers onsite.

Looking across a snow covered street at a house with several vehicles parked in front: the homeowners truck, an electrician's van, a plumber's truck, and a van from flood & fire recovery company. There is a machine in the driveway with a large vent hose snaking into an opening in the garage door.

Tuesday, January 23: Melted cheese on Triscuits is a favorite snack of mine. I went a bit overboard with the cheese this time.

Close up of a light beige plastic plate with four crackers with orange melted cheese on them.

Wednesday, January 24: When it’s getting late and all I’ve done all day is hang around at home and not taken any photos, the marble lamp Mr. Karen made is a good subject.

Close up of glass marbles behind slim white vertical bars. The marbles are backlit, with the color of the light going from pale to medium pink top to bottom.

Thursday, January 25: Foggy day on the slopes.

Me from the shoulders up, wearing full ski gear, standing on a ski slope with trees and signs sort of visible behind me through the fog.

Friday, January 26: I know I shared a similar photo not too long ago, but I’m fascinated by the waves of melting snow that form on my windshield when conditions are right. I brushed these off and headed to the city to meet up with friends.

Windshield of a car from the passenger side. Gentle ripples or waves  have formed as the snow started to melt and slide down the glass.

Saturday, January 27: I’d spent the night in the city so I could do a morning gathering. Stopped at the rest area on the drive home and saw this bench which looked a bit precarious.

Bench viewed from one end. The supports are made from molded gravel and concrete, which has crumbled away under the seat leaving a thin metal rod to support the weight.

Sunday, January 28: Good day to stay in and make something hearty. These vegetables went into a beef barley soup.

Closeup of bowl viewed from the top with cut pieces of carrot and celery and potato.



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