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A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 3

January 23, 2024

Monday, January 15: It’s been extremely cold, which has caused a lot of burst pipes, including some across the street from us. Lots of activity over there the day after the incident, with clean up crews and a plumber on site.

Looking across a snow covered street at a house with several vehicles parked in front. Two are from a flood & fire recovery company, one is a plumbers van, the last is the homeowners car. Workers can be seen around the vehicles bringing equipment in.

Tuesday, January 16: Another effect of the cold is the lake finally has significant ice on it. I stopped to take this picture on my way down to town.

View down into a valley with a large lake at the bottom.

Wednesday, January 17: Out on the slopes enjoying temperatures above zero Fahrenheit and fresh falling snow.

Me wearing plum ski helmet, goggles, neck gaiter, and lilac ski coat standing on a ski run with pine trees behind me and snow falling on me.

Thursday, January 18: Cleanup still in progress across the street, with this loud machine (fan? dehumidifier?) running round the clock.

View across a snow covered street to a house which has a large machine with a large diameter bright yellow flexible vent hose snaking into an opening under the garage door.

Friday, January 19: Another somewhat foggy day on the mountain. This one featured youth ski racers, which meant there were many small people skiing way better and faster than me down to the lift.

Looking up a ski slope in foggy weather. Red and blue slalom gates have been set up on one of the cuts and there are both youth racers and adult coaches standing at the bottom of the course.

Saturday, January 20: I checked four different weather forecasts before I decided to drive down to the city to spend time with friends, and all of them agreed there was just a small chance of freezing rain and that was just on the mountain. Imagine my surprise when I ran into plenty of it an hour south. I navigated it safely but it was a slow and tense drive for long stretches.

Closeup of one front corner of a car showing ice buildup on the headlight.

Sunday, January 21: Hug Day, for which Happy Color had several pictures to do.

Screenshot from Happy Color app showing a completed image reading National Hug Day, with daisies to the left of the words and three women embracing to the right.



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