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A Week in Photos: 2024, Part 2

January 21, 2024

Monday, January 8: Time to pack away the Christmas d├ęcor for another year, including these figurines that one of Mr. Karen’s aunt gave us the year she celebrated the holiday at our house. Though Department 56 collectible figurines aren’t really our style, we’ve held on to them and display them most years. She obviously put thought into which ones to get us, and seeing them reminds us of her and family celebrations.

Two white ceramic figurines displayed on a rustic wooden mantel. On the left is a kayaker paddling and on the right a skier holding their skis. There's a red lit Christmas bulb hanging on the front of the mantle, part of a string.


Tuesday, January 9: You know it’s a good snow day when there’s a snowcat driving down the street.

Looking down a snow-covered road on a slightly foggy day. There's a snowcat with a red cab about to turn onto the road from a side street on the right.

Wednesday, January 10: Snowy day on the top of the ski mountain.

Snow covered pine trees and bare/dead trees on the other side of a rope marking the edge of the ski area. The sky is a foggy grey blue.

Thursday, January 11: Still working on packing up Christmas, but we will be leaving these lights and the ones strung inside up to provide cheer throughout the winter.

Balcony with multi colored mini Christmas lights wrapped around the top rail. Most segments of the rail have snow piled up on top.

Friday, January 12: When it’s too cold and windy to ski (most of the lifts were closed for safety) but you need to go get the mail in the village, you bundle up and still wear ski goggles for comfort’s sake.

Me wearing a knit hat, ski goggles, fleece neck gaiter, fleece vest, and ski coat, standing outside with the ski hill in the background.

Saturday, January 13: Another day of not skiing. Instead I drove down to town to meet up with a friend.

Me in the car wearing a red violet striped t-shirt, periwinkle zip hoodie, and black jacket. My hair is white/grey with a hint of blue and my glasses have metal frames that are purple on the top and silver on the bottom.

Sunday, January 14: Second one of these laundry drying racks I’ve broken (yes, I overloaded them). I put rope around this one when it was new to avoid the previous breakage mode, where one of the joints at the top of the leg gave way due to the legs splaying out, which worked except this time the leg itself snapped. Guess I need to get two of them so I can split the load? Or find a sturdier option, but if that exists it’ll be more than I want to spend.

A grey and navy plastic drying rack lying disassembled on a piece of white felt. There is light purple rope wound around the three legs of the bottom section.



On this date in 2003 to 2023: No journal entries. Guess January 21st just hasn’t been good for writing for some reason. All the more reason to get this one done and posted.

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