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Archive for December 25th, 2023

Reindeer Need Not Be Brown

December 25, 2023

Merry Christmas to those of you celebrating! Please enjoy some holiday art done by Mr. Karen as a wee lad.

Mixed media Christmas card: construction paper, paper doily, glitter, and gummed star.

Faded green paper rectangle decorated with a three-tired Christmas tree made from a white paper doily cut into wedges. A red foil star tops the tree and red glitter has been glued in lines at the bottom edges of the doily tiers. The tree is finished with a red paper trunk at the base.


Santa portrait: construction paper, paper plate, cotton balls, and crayon. Unclear what the purpose is of the slits in the center where the nose should be.

Santa face created by a supervised child from the above noted materials.

Santa with multi-colored reindeer: pencil (or possibly ball point pen?) and crayon on notebook paper.

Child's drawing of a reindeer with long skinny body colored in vertical blocks and Santa carrying his sack.

And a bonus non-Christmas themed collage done by Mr. Karen’s sister Faye. It is possible this is a family portrait of the three siblings and a pet, which may be a turtle, tarantula, or fat dog.

Small fiber optic Christmas tree with a red tree skirt. The lights at the end of the branches are mostly white at this moment with some turquoise and pink in some areas.



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