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Archive for November 27th, 2023

A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 46

November 27, 2023

Monday, November 13: Did some errands in the medium sized city and came across this symbol painted in a parking space from the opposite side it was meant to be viewed from. I thought it looked like a happy alien or maybe a frog wearing a superhero mask.

Symbol painted in white on a blacktop parking lot. Meant to represent the front end of a vehicle but looks like a face when seen from this angle.

Tuesday, November 14: Finally time for my second diagnostic colonoscopy, only a year or so behind schedule thanks to insurance issues (they wouldn’t cover the facility close to home that my doctor’s office sent the first referral to, and it took some time to find where they would cover and get a referral there and then get on the schedule). This day was the clear liquid and lots of laxatives prep day. Not fun but the responsible thing to do.

Close up of the label on a plastic bottle of GaviLyte-G

Wednesday, November 15: A bit more prep in the morning and then it was off to my colonoscopy appointment. Everything went smoothly except placing the port for the IV; they couldn’t use my “good” arm, the one I give blood with, so had to try a few times to find a vein in my other arm, ending up going in the back of my hand, which left me with this eye catching wrap to wear for the rest of the afternoon after I was released.

My left hand resting in my lap. There is a purple wrap around the back of it.

Thursday, November 16: Still enjoying this view out the front window.

View across a blacktop street into a valley and the mountains beyond. The sky is pale orange from alpenglow.

Friday, November 17: Left our mountain to drive over to western Washington to spend Thanksgiving week with Mr. Karen’s sister and her family. On the way, we discovered (thanks internet) that the sushi restaurant we often stop at for dinner on the way there was closed for renovations, and also that if we downloaded the app for the one we’d tried and failed to get into a couple times before we could get on the wait list before we arrived instead of showing up to find an hour or more wait. Unfortunately, I waited until we were only about 75 minutes away to put our name in, and the estimated wait was 115 minutes. We decided to try yet another restaurant that Google said was not usually busy, but it turned out to be busy. By the time we made that detour and got to the place we were on the list for, the wait was down to 15 to 30 minutes so we decided to take our chances and it turned out to be more on the 15 minutes end. We liked it a lot so next time I’ll just have to set a reminder to get on the list earlier.

View of a ski mountain in early winter.

Saturday, November 18: Started the project we came to do, going through more of Joan’s things in storage, with the goal of getting rid of enough so the remaining items would fit into one unit rather than spilling over into a second one. Decisions we’d put off when packing up her house now had to be made, like what to do with this beautiful but broken antique tea cup, the only one of its pattern in her collection. Someone else had put off this decision before; storing the cup with three broken off pieces, only two of which went with this cup.

White teacup with handpainted gold, green, and purple design viewed from the top looking down into the bowl.  A section is missing; two broken pieces lay next to the cup on the table.

Sunday, November 19: More storage unit sorting with Mr. K and Kathy. Down the hall from where we were working, a mother and daughter came to retrieve their Christmas d├ęcor from their unit. They had some issues getting stuff onto the cart (and keeping it from falling off) and left these pinecones behind in the process.

Two pinecones on a grey industrial carpet.



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