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A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 38

October 5, 2023

Monday, September 18: Another day on the road. We took time out to see the world’s largest gavel and later to explore a park that had confusingly marked but picturesque trails.

Front of a red brick building with greyish white stone columns with a very large wooden gavel sheltered under the porch.

Tuesday, September 19: On our way through metro Detroit, we hit up a few favorites: Grand Traverse Pie, The Henry Ford museum (wanted to do the village, but it was closed), and a Middle Eastern restaurant, where this camel had pride of place in the lobby.

Statue of a camel sitting. The camel is wearing decorative burgundy halter decorated with white buttons and other trim.

Wednesday, September 20: Said goodbye to Mr. Karen for a few weeks, as he was going off on his own adventures. He dropped me a the airport so I could get a rental car. It was a day earlier than we’d originally planned so it turned out to be a more of a hassle than it might have been. I spent the rest of the day decompressing and relaxing and getting ready for my long weekend with friends from my Michigan days. I had a nice view from the hotel room, so that was pleasant.

Looking out a window at trees just turning to their fall colors.

Thursday, September 21: Tested myself for COVID before heading off for my weekend fun. I know the tests aren’t infallible but still gave me some peace of mind to see a negative. I went back to the airport and turned in my cute little Ford and picked up a cute little Buick (yeah, I don’t know why I couldn’t have just kept the Ford but the rental company insisted I had to return the first car and then check in for my original reservation because it was prepaid). Then I was off to meet my friends for a sushi dinner to start the long weekend.

Small warm brown Ford parked in a lot.

Friday, September 22: Hotel room pedicure.

My feet with facial tissue being used in place of toe separators for a pedicure with dark green polish.

Saturday, September 23: In an unexpected turn of events, I got to do this meat and cheese board for a birthday celebration. I was handed the board, the ingredients, and a knife and off I went. Imagine what I could have done if I’d been able to plan for it.

Oblong wood board with rounded edges and a handle at the far end. A wheel of brie sits at the handle end with a few wedges cut out. Curved lines of alternating meat/fish and cheese cover the rest of the board.

Sunday, September 24: Time to wrap up the weekend and get to a hotel closer to the airport for my flight home the next day. But first, a selfie in the ridiculously flattering light in this mirror.

Me with a slight head tilt wearing a wine colored tee shirt that says King Ropes Sheridan Wyo.



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  1. Billy Says:

    Great pictures. That’s a nice camel. I love the selfie and your pedicure.

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