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Archive for September 28th, 2023

A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 36

September 28, 2023

Monday, September 4: Last day of Fall Fest brought fall weather. Mr. Karen, his sister, and I left it too long to go up the lift for one last ride and ended up being in the clouds at the top. Ah well, that’s how it goes sometimes.

Three mountain bikes on a tray on a ski lift in the fog.

Tuesday, September 5: I was busy with the festival on Labor Day, so I was a day late finishing up the Happy Color pictures for the holiday, including this

Screenshot of a picture from the Happy Color app. Banner at the top reads Labor Day. Background is light blue rays with yellow stars. Figures of four people take up most of the frame: a mechanic, a nurse, an artist, and a veterinarian.

Wednesday, September 6: Went to the studio and found the alarm panel was not in its normal state. Mere tenants don’t get a manual or the ability to reset the system, so I took a picture to email to the management company. Fortunately, I was still able to get into my space without the alarm getting more upset.

Beige alarm panel with all the buttons lit up in red.

Thursday, September 7: Enjoying the view across the street late in the day.

Landscape showing alpenglow across a mountain valley, with a blacktop street and several houses and vehicles in the foreground.

Friday, September 8: It’s Halloween merchandise time. I liked these shiny glasses but left them in the store as our cupboards are overfull with drinking vessels already.

Store shelf with stemless wineglasses in black, purple, clear, and orange. The latter three have an iridescent finish.

Saturday, September 9: Went to a party and of course I wanted to spend time with the hosts’ dog. That worked fine as long as one of its people was in the same room, but once they left, the doggo was done with me.

Yellow dog heading out through a glass sliding door.

Sunday, September 10: Mr. Karen and I loaded up his vehicle then drove down to the airport in Spokane separately. We dropped my car there and then headed east together on our next road trip. Ended the day in Butte, Montana, where the lights on this bowling alley (sorry, family sports center) next to our hotel were still glowing brightly even though it was long closed for the day by the time we rolled in.

One story building with red neon sign reading Star Lanes, with a star in between the words.



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