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Archive for September 8th, 2023

A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 34

September 8, 2023

In this installment, Mr. Karen and I finally get home from our summer vacation.

Monday, August 21: Woke up to a view of picturesque Wisconsin farmland (see below), went to the cheese shop conveniently located close to the hotel, then got back on the road. The best pies in each state list has been updated since we started our Tour de Pie back in 2018, so we went a bit out of our way to stop at the new Minnesota winner in Blaine before pushing on to get to Fargo, North Dakota for the night.

Landscape with green farm fields in the foreground and various barns and other farm building in the distance, all under a partly cloudy blue sky.

Tuesday, August 22: We took our time getting out of Fargo, checking out at the hotel and then walking to a brunch spot for a meal then walking more to the place with purportedly the best pie in North Dakota (not the same as the pie we drove out to the middle of nowhere to get in 2018). Unfortunately, they were out of pie on this day, so we settled for a key lime not quite cheesecake thingy and a berry galette. I enjoyed looking at the buildings on the walk back to our car, especially the former Dakota Business College that still had the Gregg Shorthand School sign hanging on. We drove and drove the rest of the day to get to Billings, Montana.

Cream brick building from the late 1800s with faded sign on the sign reading Dakota Business College and another sign on the front reading Gregg Shorthand School.

Wednesday, August 23: We kept our lolligagging to a minumum on on this day because we wanted to get home, which we did a bit after dark, having made a stop in town to get groceries so we could just hole up and settle back into our regular routine once we made it back. The few photos I took this day were either from the passenger seat of the car, like the Montana landscape below, or at gas/rest stops.

Landscape with fields in the foreground, mountains in the distance, and a blue sky dotted with clouds.

Thursday, August 24: In between unpacking from the trip and other chores, Mr. Karen and I walked down to the village to see how far the construction projects there had gotten while we were away and rode the lift to the top since the days to do that this season are dwindling.

View from a ski lift in summer, with the village at the base and a lake in the valley below that.

Friday, August 25: Got so busy getting back to regular life I only took one photo around dusk when I remembered I hadn’t snapped anything yet. Nice to have this view out the front window.

View across an asphalt street to the mountains across the valley. The sky is tinted pink from alpenglow.

Saturday, August 26: Took a walk around the neighborhood. Saw all the ongoing construction, with houses and condos going up where huckleberry bushes used to grow. Tried not to focus on that but instead enjoy the late season wildflowers.

Spiky red violet fireweed blooms against a backdrop of grey boulders.

Sunday, August 27: Went to meet up with some friends at a park in town and enjoyed the late summer sun.

My feet wearing black jeweled flip flops in a patch of grass.



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