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Archive for September 7th, 2023

A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 33

September 7, 2023

Fourth week of my summer vacation.

Monday, August 14: Another sea day, with more relaxing and looking at the water, more watching ballet class, more dressing up for dinner (but not as dressed up as a gala night, of which there were two during the week). Also more walking on the promenade deck, which meant my hair looked like this when I came even despite being put up in a clip:

Me, a sixty-ish year old white woman. Wearing rose metal framed glasses and a v-neck tee with a watercolor strokes design in black, rose, and lilac on white background. My white hair is windblown and sticking out around my face despite most of it being tied back out of view.

Tuesday, August 15: Things I did on this sea day I hadn’t before: went to a panel discussion (this one was with four of the dancers from the English National Ballet) and worked on a jigsaw puzzles put out in one of the social spaces.

Partially assembled jigsaw puzzle showing colorful boats. The puzzle is sitting on a desk next to a window looking out on the ocean.

Wednesday, August 16: It was our second and final gala night, with a theme of masquerade. I wore a mask I’d gotten in New Orleans around 2015, accessorized with a KF94 for crowded spaces like elevators.

Me wearing a gold fabric eye mask decorated with purple, green, and gold ribbons and a fan of purple feathers at top center. I'm also wearing a beige KF 94 mask over the lower half of my face.

Thursday, August 17: Our last full day at sea started out foggy but cleared up enough that I spent some time on a deck chair reading in the afternoon.

View from hips down of me sitting in a deck chair looking out to sea. Wearing a purple skirt with my navy and brown Kindle cover in my lap.

Friday, August 18: We forced ourselves out of bed early to be on deck for our arrival in New York City. After very little rain the whole trip, it was pouring down (complete with thunder and lightning) when we woke up. We stayed on our mostly protected balcony while the ship went under the Verrezzano Narrows bridge, then ventured out on deck and got pretty well soaked despite our raincoats. The rain finally let up as the sun rose. After a while we felt we’d seen enough of the big buildings and went in to have some breakfast before returning to our room and doing our final packing while waiting for our time to come to get off the ship. We cleared immigration and customs and got a ride share to the airport, where our car was waiting right where we left it. We climbed in and started driving west, making it to Clarion, Pennsylvania for the night.

Suspension bridge lit up with white lights seen from a ship.

Saturday, August 19: We checked out of our hotel to find a small car show going on in the parking lot next door, so we looked at that before getting back on the road. We made good time and it worked out that were able to take a slight detour into Michigan to attend a friend’s 60th birthday open house that evening. When we checked into our hotel for the night, we found a bunch of Bullitt Mustangs in the parking lot, there for a series of events including a car show according to a guy we talked to putting things in the trunk of his Mustand.

Back end of a red Ford Edsel

Sunday, August 20: Just driving. Made it out of Michigan, then through Indiana and Illinois before stopping in DeForest, Wisconsin for the night.

Sunset in the distance with empty parking spaces in a highway rest area in the foreground



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